Los Angeles Invitational Spirits Challenge Media Kit & Digital Awards

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Best of the Best

Best Asian Spirits

Best Alambic Brandy

Best Cannabis-Infused

Best Cider

Best Cognac Flavored / Infused

Best Eau-de-Vie

Best Gin Flavored / Infused

Best Marc

Best Mixer

Best Non-Alcoholic

Best Pisco

Best RTD *Non-Alcoholic

Best Rum Flavored / Infused

Best Rhum

Best Seltzer *Non-Alcoholic

Best Soju / Shochu

Best Specialty

Best Tequila

Best Tequila Extra Añejo

Best Tequila Reposado

Best Vodka

Best Bourbon

Best Japanese Whiskey

Best Rye Whiskey

Best Whiskey Flavored / Infused

Best Other Whiskey

Best American Blended Whiskey

Best Single Barrel Whiskey 11 Years+

Best Small Batch Whiskey

Best Gin

Best Liqueur

Best Mezcal

Best Moonshine

Best Other White Spirits

Best Ready to Drink

Best Rum

Best Spiced Rum

Best Sake

Best Hard Seltzer

Best Sotol

Best Specialty Spirits

Best Tequila Añejo

Best Tequila Blanco

Best Tequila Flavored / Infused

Best Whiskey

Best Canadian Whiskey

Best Irish Whiskey

Best Tennessee Whiskey

Best Scotch

Best American Craft Whiskey

Best Single Barrel Whiskey 10 Years

Best Single Malt Whiskey

Best Woman Distiller